And so it begins!

Here we are, almost the middle of June already!  I’ve planted most of my plants, but this year has been very strange, already…super hot early, then rain, rain, rain…the weeds are loving it!  If you haven’t planted your crops yet, make sure that you are on top of the weeds at least…they can take over before you know it.  Remember to spend time outside the fenceline too, we have to keep it looking good outside as well as in….the high grass is already getting out of control, but I can’t mow it, since it is rocky and at an angle.  HELP please!  The other thing that I need to remind you all about is that the lawn mower needs gas, if each of you want to give money for a gallon of gas, or purchase a gas card so that we can keep the mower filled.  The garden (and I) appreciate the help!

Sebastian and I hatched some praying mantises, and released over 200 of Imagethem in the garden, to help control bugs naturally.  If you see them in the garden, please do NOT kill them!

Pictures and notes to come soon.

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  1. emeraldwake says:

    amazing Blog,nice to be here,Regards

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